• Satori Knowledge Graph: Building graph analytics components for discovering insights from the Satori knowledge graph.


  • Scalable RDF Data Management: This work addresses the challenges of realizing a scalable RDF Management system over an existing distributed relational database setting.
  • Geotagging Non-spatial concepts: Modeling concept co-occurrences within the same textual resources can expose interesting relations between spatial and non-spatial concepts. In this project, we illustrate how one can geotag a non-spatial query concept by associating it with relevant spatial concepts in an automated fashion. We propose a semantic query processing algorithm that uses a modified variant of Personalized PageRank to identify the semantically related concepts to the query.

  • CRIS: (The Computational Research Infrastructure for Science) is a system with its primary tenets to provide an easy to use, scalable, and collaborative scientific workflow and data management cyberinfrastructure (CI) for scientists lacking extensive computational expertise. CRIS currently has a community of users in Agronomy, Biochemistry, Bioinformatics and Biology at Purdue University.
  • Ionomics Atlas: Ionomics Atlas provides a Google Map based intuitive graphical user interface that allows to access, analyze, interpret and find correlations among the following three properties in Arabidopsis thaliana plant population which are Ionomic information, Genetic information and Environmental information. We are currently adding statistical tools to the system in order for biologists to have more control over tailored datasets of accessions.
  • Bionet: Conducting research regarding an Interactive Visualization and Data Mining (IVDM) platform, namely JSysnet. We demonstrate how Bionet is used to interactively analyse intermolecular correlations using various statistical methods and perform interactive comparative and correlative analysis of molecular expression data.


  • Recommendation System for Local Businesses: Developed a tool that recommends relevant local businesses to users based on their entries in query logs.

  • Tag Recommendation System: Co-Invented and patented a K-Partite graph technique for recommendation of tags during bookmarking of resources.

  • Spam Detection: Identified a set of features that define spamming bookmarks in social media and evaluated their feasibility through a comparative study on various machine learning techniques.

  • Bionoculars: Developed a system that automatically extracts interactions between entities such as proteins, chemicals, and diseases from biomedical text with preliminary focus on protein-protein interaction.

  • Machine Assisted Translation: Developed a system to assist the translator by providing suggestions via auto-completion relating to the document being translated.

  • InfoMind: Participated in the development of a system that analyzes large volumes of unstructured textual information to discover, organize and deliver relevant knowledge to the end-user.